Astrolology Trailer

AstroLoLogy is an original IP of LemonSky Games & Animation, a comedy web-series of short skits based on the members of the Greek Zodiac and their wacky personalities and relationships. The pilot episode and preliminary composite was created by the Lighting Lead at the time, Deepesh Phulwani. I was then brought into the project and tasked with refining the composite in Nuke and also some look development, working closely with the Art Director and Lighting Lead.

I also had the chance to create the Intro sequence Motion Design for the show. I worked on the IP for almost a year and our small team created 11 more episode, one for each Zodiac sign. The show was then picked up and went into production for a full season of 2-minute clips. I then moved into Modelling and Look Development for the Props Department, creating key assets on a number of episodes.